Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement is the integral interconnectedness of every “particle” in creation as one being. This the same as saying there is only one soul, and all of us are it. Each of us has the entire cosmos within us. I am you and you are me and we are they and we are all together. All souls, which is to say all units of consciousness, are technically identical and are indistinguishable from all other units of consciousness, but are simultaneously unique and individual, each in its own way which it displays as feelings, colors and sounds. But if there is only one being in all of creation, where does each individual unit of consciousness or “soul” come from and how is it related to the whole?

Imagine a “time” before manifest creation when there existed just the one being, when there is no “outside” and no “where” else. It is everything. It is conscious and intelligent. It feels and It wonders what It is and desires to know itself. Imagine that this desire to know itself becomes so overwhelming that It literally “fractalizes” itself holographically into innumerable infinitesimally tiny integrally interconnected holographic images of itself (the image and likeness of God) such that each one contains all the information of the original and none are ever actually separated from the whole. (Where would there be to go, anyway?) These are the quanta of quantum physics, the tiniest of all “particles”, souls. These are the “entangled” fundamental particles that interact in ways that we sometimes call quantum mechanics.

From our work with physical holographic images, which consist of images on film of interference patterns of light waves interacting with reference laser beams, we can infer that each holographic particle, each soul, is conscious and contains all the information of the whole, of All That Is, of the original It. If one takes what’s called a “transmission-light hologram” and cuts it up into multiple pieces of film, one is left not with partial-image pieces of the original holographic image. Instead, each particle of film contains the entire holographic image! All the information is preserved in each of the particles. The reference laser, the coherent light of life itself, is the light of It, the highest frequency attainable featuring an immeasurable infinitesimally short wavelength, and which ties us all together.

So it is with holographically fractalized units of consciousness (aka “souls”) born of It’s desire to know itself, which is to say, ourselves. Each particle, each soul, each one of us is a complete representation of the original, of All That Is, of It, and cannot be distinguished from it, while simultaneously sporting its own unique “personality” able to take on roles and have experience. Thus each of us has the entire universe within.

That means each of us is an eternal spiritual being and a child of God. In each of us, the desire to know ourselves and to understand life creates an inclination or “charge” that drives our motion through “space” toward fulfillment of the desire. This leads to spiritual relationships and the creation of forms and expressions which sets the stage for material experience. Each of us creates our personal realities, and accepting this responsibility is crucial to successfully moving forward as conscious creator of one’s life situation.

[excerpt from “Turn on Your Love Light” copyright © 2015 Ralph Huntington]