Create Something New

At the end of 2013, a few months after attending Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy live event in San Jose, I left my long-term career as a freelance IT consultant, a pretty steady gig for 30 years, which I liked mainly because IT is easy and I’m lazy. Prior to that I did my dance of life in New York City where I worked as an electronics, video and audio engineer. Those were great times, but I digress…

I have long known that people in general are frustrated with life in the Earth world rat race. People struggle all the time: making ends meet, getting along with their loved ones (especially their children), spirituality, making a decent living, having some freedom and the means to travel, the constant desire to spend more time with family, having to commute, possibly to multiple jobs, and the endless debt. Company jobs provide no real security and many parents hardly ever get to see their own kids! That is no way to live!

So when my last sizable IT client tossed me to the curb at the end of 2013 in favor of a young guy who would work for much less than I (which decision I could not blame the client for taking), I decided to engage in a project to demonstrate to regular everyday people how they could start with nothing and make it on their own independently. I didn’t intend to merely write about and preach about starting from nothing and becoming successful, but to actually demonstrate that. I wasn’t sure how, exactly, but I knew I was not going to be one of those annoying Internet “gurus” who talk big but don’t walk the walk. I had to get broke in order to start at zero and then achieve the success which existed in my mind at that time before my advice could be meaningful to others.

I still had bills but no income, so I filed to begin collecting social security. (I probably should have done that a couple of years sooner, but that’s another story.) Because my income became a small fraction of what it had been (very much like a minimum-wage job) and I still had all the debt I had before, I qualified to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which was like taking an express elevator to the ground floor. (If you need it, use it!) There went the $20k judgment a property management firm had taken against me over an office lease I foolishly signed a personal guarantee on a couple of years earlier. Whew! (Don’t ever do that. If you have a corporation, don’t sign personal guarantees. Just don’t.) Anyway, there also went the white-elephant RV I hadn’t been able to sell for what I owed. Nice.

With debts cleared and before running out of money completely, I moved across the country, settled into a friend’s guest house, and began writing. The rent was just over half my social security. Things would be tight until I could make something happen. I worked on my book, “Turn on Your Love Light – Supercharge Your Life” (finally almost ready for release as I write this). I thought book development would go quickly (I knew what I wanted to say) but I had never written a book before and I had quite a lot to learn about the process. It took a year in all, but my treatise turned out much broader and I believe much better than originally conceived. Still, it took too many weeks to write The next one would have to go much quicker.

My intent of course was to write a smash hit, earn some income with it, and then teach others how to write books to enable them to do likewise. In other words, I wanted to not only write a book, but also write a book on writing books. Then I’d have both books as revenue streams. By writing an actual book, I learned enough about writing books to write a book on writing books. Writing my next book, “How to Quickly Write a Book”, will go much faster than the first, perhaps a month or even less. I will even create a webinar and a CD or DVD course out of it!

However, showing people a path out of the old paradigm of working a company job entails more than teaching about writing books. Not everyone wants to be an author, but many people want to work from home. During my year on social security and food stamps (I did ask the state for assistance, and you should too if you need it) I eagerly studied everything I could find on Internet marketing, affiliate marketing (selling other people’s goods and services online for commissions), real estate wholesaling, blogging, bartering, physical product and info product creation, YouTube videos, social networking, and much more. There’s a lot to it!

As I studied, I worked on my concept of The New Economy (as I call it). This is the Internet-democratized market in which everyday people create and sell their own content, whether information or hard goods or services, and other people’s products and services, to other people just like themselves. I realized that in order to equip anyone with the knowledge they need to successfully self-employ themselves in the New Economy, Internet marketing would have to be the main course track because everyone is going to need it no matter what they have to sell.

In the New Economy, you’re going to be selling on the Internet. It’s all Internet marketing now. Yes, local businesses appeal to local customers, but now even local businesses reach new customers primarily via the Internet. You know this already from when you search for a local business online with something like “craft stores near me”. Did you go to the Yellow Pages first? No. Did you first consult the local newspaper? No, you probably read that online too, if you read local news at all. Even businesses like real estate wholesaling are done mostly online. Some wholesalers never even see properties in person.

I’ve created My Own Boss Club as a self-employment blog and community resource. My Own Boss Club is where I will blog about becoming financially independent by implementing viable self-employment business models. My intent and plan is to work at each of the business models and to document my experience and results. This will be where the rubber meets the road. If it works, you’ll hear of it and if it doesn’t work, you’ll hear of that as well. No punches pulled. Not mere reviews, but actual experience and results.

I’ve set up a Facebook page and a web site for My Own Boss Club. There are (or son will be) sign-up boxes where you can sign onto the overall newsletter or just the section or sections that interest you. Sections include Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, Authoring and Publishing, Real Estate Wholesaling, Life Coaching (I am a life coach and conversational hypnotherapist, and you can be too, if you’d like to be), Bartering, and of course, Blogging.